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Elle Morgan is secretly crushing on a vampire but doesn’t have time for love. She’s too busy dodging the escalating threats of a stalker while protecting her seat as the last goddess on the Underworld Council. But when her best friend suggests the perfect man might also serve as the perfect protector, she decides to give the Mystic Matchmakers a shot.

An Underworld demigoddess on a temporary ticket topside, Tina Lee will do anything to remain in the human world, even agree to a one-night stand with a playboy vampire to help her dodge the reaper who’s come to escort her back to Hades. So when the Mystic Matchmakers offer to help make her relationship with her sexy undead protector something more permanent, she’s more than willing to give it a try.

Antjie Graf has always been a passionate go-getter. Her friends don’t call her a future Pulitzer prize winning journalist for nothing. Now that she’s a vampire, everything she felt before she was turned is supercharged, including the crush she’s had for three years on ex-colonel Bax Livingston. Convincing him to date her, however, won’t be easy. Especially with the dark secret he’s harboring that puts everyone on the island in deadly peril, herself included.

And it’s only a matter of time before the next rogue coven attacks. Plus they're all still worried about infant Easton Romolov. He’s growing up abnormally fast — in both size and power.



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